Best Clip In Extensions For Natural Afro Textured Hair

Afro textured hair contains more tiny curls than nearly any other hair texture in the world. It’s best identified by its abundance of dense and often tightly packed curls that grow outward instead of down that create a voluminous halo of hair often referred to as an afro.

Natural afro textured hair is a highly versatile hair texture that can, with the use of heat styling tools or hair wrapping and stretching techniques, become bone straight. Afro textured hair can also form any shape and any wave or curl pattern imaginable with the use of hair rollers of any kind, flexi rods or simple techniques like braid outs, twist outs or blow outs that cause the hair to take on a wave pattern or become somewhat straight and still retain some of its texture.

Individuals with natural hair can add even more volume and length to their hair afro textured hair with the use of clip in hair extensions that are designed specifically for their hair texture. Clip in hair extensions that are made for people with natural hair are easier to blend into the hair and have a more natural appearance.

Protective styles, generally hair styles meant to minimize the amount of stress put on the hair from day to day styling, can be enhanced with clip in hair extensions that are designed for people with natural hair. Clip in hair extensions can add more length your hair so that buns and chunky flat twists and other protective hairstyles are easier to achieve.

Selecting the right clip in hair extensions for your natural afro textured hair is easy. Look for clip in hair extensions that have the closest appearance to your natural virgin hair. Find extensions that are the same color and that are the closest match to your particular curl pattern or to how your hair looks when it is straightened if you’re going for a different style.

Here are two of the best clip in hair extension textures for people with natural afro textured hair:

Kinky curly clip in hair extensions have a tightly curled texture that can look similar to some textures of afro textured hair while in its natural state or others after it has been straw set or set on small perm rods. Kinky curly clip in hair extensions allow you to enhance your curls or wear your hair with a curl pattern that’s different from your own natural curl pattern without going through the time consuming process of setting your hair or sleeping in hair rollers. Whether you wear them to accentuate an updo or let your curls hang free, kinky curly clip in hair extensions can help you create hair styles you love without the need to take any of the texture out of your natural hair.

Use kinky straight clip in hair extensions to compliment your hair after its been stretched or straightened. Kinky straight clip in hair extensions are made to look like natural hair that has been blown out straight with a hair dryer. Blow outs typically leave a little texture in the hair so that it looks thick and full of volume. Likewise, kinky straight clip in hair extensions are made with a little texture built in so that it blends well with natural hair. Add kinky straight clip in hair extensions to your straightened natural hair to increase the volume and to add more length.


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