Her Wonderland is ONE YEAR OLD! March 20, 2018 I took the leap and created my baby HER WONDERLAND. Growing up you may know if you have been following my blog that I LOVE FASHION. I also have been working as a social media/ecommerce manager for other companies. I told myself, I am doing all this hard work for other companies, which don’t get me wrong I loved my jobs.. I told myself why am I not doing this for myself? Gathering all my experience together I created HER WONDERLAND.

Let me tell you running a business is not always easy. Yes there are the fun photoshoots, buying clothes and styling but remember it is a business. There is Budgeting, Marketing, Taxes, Bills, etc.. Even though these were things that I had to learn on my own and am still learning I love it no matter how hard it is. I love the new challenges that Her Wonderland brings everyday.
I love being able to share my love with fashion with other women. I love the feeling of girls wearing Her Wonderland either on an everyday basis or that one special event!

I want to thank each and everyone of you that have been supporting HER WONDERLAND since day one! I wanna thank you all that are supporting Her Wonderland now! You all mean the world to you. Her Wonderland has so many exciting things coming its way. So stay tuned!

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