How To Look Your Best When You Feel Your Worst

Nobody leads a perfect life, despite what some people’s Instagram accounts might suggest. There are days that, for whatever reason, you just feel down and out. Sometimes it’s because of something that’s happened, and other times you can’t identify an exact cause.

Looking your best might seem impossible, especially when you’re feeling your worst. But with a few tips and hacks, you can turn a disaster into something that’s not so bad. Let’s take a look at how.

Use Bronzer

Nothing’s worse than the combination of seasonal depression and winter skin. You’re already feeling unmotivated (like you want to give up), and on top of that, your skin is itchy and flakey. It’s not a good combination.

Bronzer, though, might be the perfect solution. Just brush a bit on your face and neck and watch your summer glow return, no matter what you’ve been through.

Use Gloss

Most lipsticks contain additives which help them stick to the skin. The only problem with these is that they tend to dry out the natural oils that moisturize the lips. Stop this by using lip gloss which contains compounds which prevent cracking and chapping.

Soothe Puffy Eyes

If you’ve been through a bad experience, like an accident, your sleep can suffer. There’s more here to deal with than just puffy and baggy eyes, but they don’t help. Getting rid of imperfections around the eyes can be a challenge, but not impossible. Essential oils, like jojoba, can help a lot bring elasticity back to the skin surrounding the eyes. Some creams enriched with oatmeal extract can also help to reduce the swelling and inflammation that leads to puffy eyes.

Also, remember, diet is your friend. Some foods, especially citrus, can help to drain the lymph fluid that can accumulate around the eyes, giving them that baggy, puffy appearance. If you’re struggling, focus on including beautifying foods in your daily routine, like oranges, lemons, cucumber, berries, and seeds.

Use Quality Tissues

Winter is the time of year that people tend to get colds. People huddle together, and bacteria can spread quickly from one person to another. If you’re feeling your worst because you’ve got a cold, the last thing you want is to make yourself look even more worn out with dry, rough tissues.

Cheap tissue manufacturers don’t add any additional moisturizing agents to their products which can lead to sores around the nostrils and mouth if used repeatedly. If you’ve got a runny nose, go for something a little less harsh.

Use Concealer

The part of your face that gives away the fact that you’re not feeling well the most are your eyes. While you can’t get rid of bloodshot or red eyes, you can make the area surrounding them look a lot better with the help of concealer. Concealer, plus mascara plus a bit of bronzer will brighten your complexion, hide tell-tale signs that you’re going through a rough patch, and lift your overall appearance.

Try out some of these ideas today if you’re feeling a little under the weather.


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