Bling Your Outfit For A Brand New Look

It gets really easy to slip into the same old habits when it comes to your clothing. Tees and jeans are great for casual days out, but if you are finding yourself blinging up your tees and jeans with heels, sunglasses and a great handbag, you have it cracked. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but if you have the knack for changing even the simplest outfits with a simple accessory update, you’re winning the fashion race.

Any outfit that you wear can be transformed with accessories. Whether you are choosing statement costume jewelry or you are going to bling up with something beautiful from AAA Jewelers, you need to ensure that you are working your outfit as much as it will be working for you. A New Year means a change, and if you are getting bored of the way that you wear your clothes, you need to consider how you wear your outfits and what you can upgrade. Below, you’ll find some of the best tricks for blinging up your outfit to get a completely new look.

Mix Your Metals. Sure, it’s nice to match, but sterling silver can set off rose gold in a way you may not have appreciated. Mixing your metals is going to help you to learn to contrast your colors in your outfit and most importantly, it’s going to look great!

Choose Comfy Shoes. Comfort is key when setting off your outfit, otherwise you could be wearing the most beautiful ensemble and still look ridiculous because you’re trying to walk around in shoes that don’t quite fit or are killing your feet. Taping your 3rd and 4th toe together is rumored to stop nerves from twanging, but that doesn’t mean that you will feel comfortable. Go for comfort and you’ll rock your outfit with style.

Nails Are An Accessory. Did you know that a set of polished and tidy nails can set off an outfit as beautifully as a bracelet or a pair of earrings? Tidy nails in bold colors make a statement, and a quick polish change can make all the difference to your look.

Don’t Match It All. Shoes, jacket and bag are all accompaniments of an outfit, but that doesn’t mean that they all have to match. If you love your plum shoe and bag combination, try another shade of purple instead of plum. Complementary without matching is the way to go.

Always Choose Something. Whether it’s the scarf you love, a great handbag, gorgeous shoes or a brooch on your coat, always choose to put an accessory somewhere on your person. This is just good fashion sense and allows you to look somewhat differently. Changing up your look i important for your own sanity!

Accessorizing is going to change the way that you feel, the confidence you feel, when you are out with friends and loved ones. Take the time to learn what looks good on you, so that you can head out with confidence.


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