New Year, New Confidence, New You

Sometimes it’s all too easy to feel yourself becoming stuck in a rut. You might feel trapped in your job, you may be struggling to shift a few pounds, or you may feel your confidence being sapped by your inability to find a meaningful relationship. While you might feel well and truly stuck, the dawn of a new year can be the perfect excuse to remove your head from the sand and take a more proactive stance to your situation. No longer can you continue plodding along. You can change every aspect of your life if you want to. Find your mojo, develop your self esteem and work towards a more confident new you in 2019.

Body Image


The world of Instagram generates a fake yet seductive world of perfectly Amaro filtered goddess like bodies that everyone wishes to aspire to. It’s important to realize that this world is unattainable; it’s make-believe. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from using these images as inspiration for your own fitness or confidence quest. If you have a few extra pounds that are increasingly difficult to shift over your stomach no matter how many crunches you endure, there’s no harm in exploring body contouring as a solution. Alternatively, you could tap into the expertise down at the gym, get yourself a personal trainer and build up your confidence through enhancing your cardiovascular fitness.


Eat well, go for nutritious meals and ensure you receive your daily recommended doses of vitamins and minerals to lift your mood. As you see the weight drop, you should be more motivated to continue honing your physique and becoming healthier.



Just because you’ve been a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl for the past twelve months doesn’t mean you have to live to this stereotype in 2019. Sure, a pair of sneakers are comfortable but what about those times when you want to head for dinner with pals, go on a date, and simply dress up for yourself. Whip on a fashionable little black dress, accessorize with some jewelry and a clutch bag and enjoy the attention. Your inner confidence will shine through, and you will turn heads for all the right reasons. When you lack confidence, it can be uncomfortable to be the center of attention. However, as your confidence grows, you will recognize your self-worth and feel less self-conscious.


Social Media Detox


While Facebook and Instagram are great tools for keeping in touch with pals and watching the odd cute kitten video, these online platforms should not take over your life. If you venture online only to scroll endlessly through a feed feeling jealous of the pictures your pals post, it’s time for a detox. Read a book instead, watch a movie and have a real life conversation with friends. Your life will be enriched, your sleep will be enhanced, and you won’t feel your confidence being sapped by social media.


Use your New Year’s resolutions as the perfect excuse to find your inner confidence once again.



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