How to Jazz Up a Plain Little Black Dress for a Big Event 100%

Everyone has that staple little black dress in the back of their wardrobe that they pull out when there is nothing else to wear. You are worried that you have worn it so often recently that people are going to think that’s the only outfit you own. You know that you have mastered fashion basics, but you are ready to jazz up your simple dress to create a more alluring look overall. Whether you’ve got a work party coming up or it’s your best friend’s birthday, now is your chance to spruce up your go to dress and give it that extra wow factor.

Jewelry Must Haves

Simply by changing up the jewelry you wear with your dress will make it look completely different. You could transform it from a plain and simple number to a show stopping ensemble with a statement piece from adina’s jewels. The amazing thing about a little black dress is that you can match it up with almost any color and make it look completely unique every time you wear it. You could throw on a chunky red necklace with matching shoes and make it look like a racy hot number or you could slick your hair back and wear pearl earring for a more sophisticated vibe. The opportunities are endless so try out a range of styles right now.

Sassy Shoes

Changing up your footwear can completely transform a little black dress in lots of different ways. If you’re heading to a more chilled event then you might just want throw on a pair of white sneakers and you’re good to go. If it’s a more glamorous party, then you could pop on some shimmering sequin shoes and you will be red carpet ready in a flash.

Beautiful Bag

An oversized bag can work wonders with a demure and delicate dress, so don’t be afraid to experiment with something a little bit different. A slouchy backpack will dress everything down slightly and a bejewelled clutch bag will spruce it up straight away. Depending on the occasion, you should choose your bag to match the tone of the evening. Once you have nailed your accessories you will be able to start experimenting with the necessary hair and makeup ideas.

Happy Hair

Explore a few different hairstyles to suit your personality and change up the entire look of your outfit. If you wore your little black dress with your hair down last time, then it might be your chance to experiment with a curly updo. There are a whole host of different hairdos to complete your entire look, so spend an evening giving all of them a go.

Your little black dress is beautiful just the way it is, however you could make it even more stunning by accessorizing until your heart is content. Whether you’re sassing it up with some shoes or jazzing it up with a sparkling jewelry item, there are so many ways to give your trusty LBD that extra special touch.



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