Hello September

I know i’m just about a day late but thats okay. Hey loves thanks for stopping by a new blog post.

Who else is a little sad that summer is going away? I am! Well maybe just a little.. its been way too hot. As much as I love styling dresses and love the beautiful summer days, Im ready for the leaves to fall and to through on my knit sweaters. These past couple of days i’ve been settling into my new job. Ive been just gathering a lot of work together and just planning my future. One thing I do know that has helped is taking lots of notes. Whenever I have a thought or learn something new I always make sure to write it down.

My new beginnings I just want to start fresh with everything. This past month I have learned so much, work wise and personal and just want to start fresh and work 10x harder. Nobody is gonna help you reach your goal but yourself. So whatever you want to do work 10x hard and trust me it will all be worth it in the end and never give up.

This look i’m just wearing some simple white jeans from WETSEAL, FOREVER21 SANDALS, AND A RANDOM BLACK BANDO TOP.


xoxo cristina rose



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