This Year 2017..

#1: A bad habit I’m going to break is saying, I’m going to the gym  and then end up not going. Im just gonna do it and not procrastinate about it.

#2: A new skill i’d like to learn is more about PR in the fashion industry.

#3: A person i’d hope to be more like is be a better me. Being yourself is the most important thing.

#4: A good deed I’m going to do more is find unneeded items in my house and donate them to a charitable organization.

#5: A place i’d like to visit is Italy, Spain and Paris.

#6: A book i would like to read is Christian Dior’s Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman

#7: A letter I’m going to write is to a fashion company that i would love to work with.

#8: A new food i’d like to try is food from around the world. All  kinds of food’s from different culture’s

#9: Im going to be better at working on my blog and career in the fashion industry.

What are thing’s you guys want this year?


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