My Skincare must have’s

  I have gotten so many questions on what i have been using for my skincare. These products here i am in love with! Im gonna be showing you guys what i use first and last.

ST. Ives: Any Drugstore or

Kiko Milano:

 The brand ST. Ives is EVERYTHING! I love these products so much. ST. Ives is an amazing afforable skin care line. I have there face washes, moisturizer and even body wash. This right here is the Even & Bright face wash its the most amazing morning wash to have your skin looking bright and fresh. I noticed a huge difference in my skin after using this. If you’re looking for bright morning look  this is the best! I got it at target for $3

This is the Fresh Skin, this is what i use to exfoliate my face and remove my makeup. It does have little beads inside to make your skin nice and fresh. This wash is good for night time. You can use it in the morning but i would recommend it to use it at night.

First Step: Serum

We have to talk about the KIKO MILANO Skin Trainer Line. I LOVE these products! I love this line it makes my skin feel so fresh and healthy. I love the way this serum feels on my skin it doesn’t leave it feeling sticky and nasty, it actually works well on the skin and to bring it back to life. I wouldn’t recommend this product by it self it works best with the cream moisturizer. I wouldn’t use this just as a moisturizer because i feel that it doesn’t really leave my skin moisturized. Its more as a  help the skin feel better kind of serum if that makes sense but overall i love this tons!

Second Step: Under Eyes

This under eye cream works so amazing for me i kid you not, OH MAN. So i have bad dark circles many people say i don’t but to me, i do. When it comes to my skin i don’t really have a lot of acne but what i do have are my dark circles. I have done so much to get rid of them or at least fade them but nothing worked for me. So what i did was always put a ton of concealer on, maybe not the best thing to do but i did it. Not anymore! This product has helped so much with my circles and i have noticed it guys and it makes me so happy! If you guys like i can do a before and after for you guys or keep you guys updated cause honestly i love this a lot.  

Step Three: Moisturizer

 This moisturizer is everything! I love the way it feels on my skin. I use this is the morning and night.  This is the only moisturizer i have use that doesn’t leave my face super oily when i wake up in the morning and i love that. It always gives my skin that fresh healthy feeling. This product is just perfect it isn’t to much for my skin and i love it. This is a cream everyone should try.

Lets talk about these wipes, so of course I’m sure a lot of you guys saw that Kim Kardashian shouted Kiko out by saying how much she loves these wipes as one of her steps in her skin care. I mean Kim K who doesn’t want her skin? The thing i love about these wipes is that it really does get the job done. I don’t use this to remove my makeup i use it after i use my makeup wipes to get the last of the makeup off my skin. As you guys can see in the photo i took those little dots are actually an exfoliate and the other side is just a wipe. The exfoliate not gonna lie is a little ruff on the skin so i say do not rub so hard cause it can hurt, but if i did not use this after taking my makeup off there would still be so much on. This really does get inside the skin and cleans it up. I only use this at night when i do take my makeup off and guys its amazing! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post an if you guys would like to see a video on my youtube channel of more of my skin car routine leave a comment letting me more! xx

– Love Cristina Rose 


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