Happy Monday

Have you guys ever had those times where you just wanna have a fresh start and change? Well today, Monday you can. You’ve had a bad week, fall asleep the day before (sunday night) and wake up Monday morning feeling like someone different. Wake up telling yourself today is gonna be a great day! Make it a great day even if you’re not doing anything. Don’t change and have a new start in a bad way. Change in a good way. Do what you’ve been wanting to do, make yourself happy. LOVE YOURSELF.

                                                                Change those “ I can’t “ to “ I can “

Making a list is a great way to have everything organized that you wanna change. Try it out, if you don’t like it there are always different ways.

My favorite way to a new start is looking at great quotes. Quotes that inspire me to do better. 

Always be positive. “ Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. Its leadership. “

                                     xoxo Cristina Rose


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