TopShop Kendall & Kylie

 Today was the day that Kendall & Kylie launched there TopShop clothing line! I was so happy when i found out that it was being launched near my house. I couldn’t miss it up. There was a meet and greet but unfortunately  i showed up a couple hours to late to be the first 100 people to meet them and take pictures. I went with my good friend Emily. We were pretty excited to see them. This picture is a cupcake they were giving out too everyone waiting in line for them to come out. It was yummy. Also they passed out water bottles with there names on it.

                                         Kendall & Kylie walking out.

                                                                        Kylie Jenner

                                                                         Kendall Jenner

  I wore this comfortable stylish jumpsuit! (Jumpsuit From Fashion Novia) I wanted to dress comfortable but also cute. I was standing around for hours. This morning i was pretty cold not like the other days. I had a cardigan on over the Jumpsuit but it started to warm up later in the day so i decided to take it off. I have how simple this jumpsuit is but yet so cute! Lets talk about the back, it was so cute. A cut out with a lace detail. I just wore my hair curled to the side to show the back off.

                                                  Other people that showed up Kim Kardashion and Kylie Jenner BESTFRIEND ( Joyce Bonelli and Scotty Cunha) Also seen the host from E Tonight ( Cat Saldar)

                                                                     xoxo cristina rose


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