The Pink Wall


Hi Loves! Today was such a crazy fun day! Today i had a adventure with my good friend Emily. Today we went everywhere from Downtown LA to Hollywood to Beverly Hills. We visited a bunch of new places and spots. We just wanted to have a fun simple day today. So many funny times with this girl always laughing when she is around. We went to look at the beautiful buildings in LA to  find a beautiful place to take pictures, but everyone knows when trying to find parking in LA its so hard. We didn’t find anything so we kept looking around for other spots and it was funny because we ended up getting lost and out of LA and into another city. ( THANK GOD FOR GPS) so we just thought lets go to another city and maybe find new spots so we ended up driving to Hollywood and we just kept changing our minds. We were thinking and wanted to go visit the DASH store by the Kardashions in Beverly Hills. We went and it was so tiny but so many cute clothes loved it! We also visited the NARS store and Emily bought a lipstick. I didnt buy anything. Driving to the dash store we came across a big huge PINK wall when i saw some youtubers taking pictures and of course yelled HI! lol So after we went walking around those stores we drove back to this HUGE pink wall which i fell in love with! I decided to just take photos of my outfit from the fun day i had! We wanted to dress comfortable for the day so i did!

Dress: ZARA  Shoes: TARGET

xoxo cristina rose


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